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rubaRuba Fattouh, a master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), began her career as a dentist. Born and raised in Syria, she moved to America at 25 and now is a proud resident of Austin,Texas

Fattouh has a life long interest in metaphysics, the power of our thoughts and emotions, and its effects on healing. She has studied many healing modalities such as meditation, shamanisim, and is also a Reiki Master.

It is Fattouh's philosphy that NLP helped to master her life, to enjoy the adventure of life in every moment, and to see the beauty in everything around and inside.

Fast and effective results for clients who use NLP with Fattouh have been described as winning the lottery. Her love and talent for art and music are second to her talent in moving energies and bringing out the best in people,in releasing old patterns that don't serve them anymore, allows clients to reach their potential and becoming the Masters of their life.
Through NLP Fattouh believes she can teach clients to create the life they deserve with full expression of their true self. Earn more money, have healthy loving relationships, and a healthier lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact Ruba:

Skype: nlpgenius

Email: ruba@nlpgenius.com

Phone: (512) 921-9167